In 20 years since the establishment, Chengfeng Company has been committed to providing customers with better products and services, and has engaged in continuous innovation and constant development to better meet customer needs. Chengfeng Company has adhered to a low-key and modest attitude, pragmatic spirit and vigorous and resolute style, to build the core competitiveness and constantly reinforce the foundation of the enterprise.
  With the involvement in manufacturing field, Chengcheng brand began go nationwide. We will remain committed to improve customers' product competitiveness through the application of new technologies, strict quality control and high-level services.
♦ Enterprise Philosophy
Brand Interpretation:
·Honesty (Cheng): from the Book of Rites· Doctrine of the Mean. Honesty, the fundamental law in the world; pursuit of honesty, the basic principle for human.
·Peak (Feng): refer to the highest point. We are more professional and more reliable, to let you more satisfied.
·Wise and Farsighted: from the Analects of Confucius. The wise are not perplexed and go further with wisdom and firm determination. Let's go further with wisdom.
·Business Concept: compete in a proper way and innovate without limit
·Values: honesty for win-win development, wisdom for guiding to the peak Quality Concept: professional and dedicated, pursuing excellence
·Market Concept: think earlier than you, and practice with heart
·User Concept: consistent recognition of different customers Enterprise Vision: an expert of water-treatment multi-way valves for you
·Enterprise Spirit: work with concentrated attention, grateful and responsible, and work together to forge ahead, never satisfied.
·Enterprise Target: provide customers with quality products and services, meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and performance at a reasonable price, and become one of the industry leaders in multi-way valves for water-treatment.

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